The Amyloid-carbon hybrids are used to filter water contaminated by heavy metals and radioactive materials at an efficiency above 99%. The hybrid filters also have ability to remove organic pollutants such as total organic content (TOC), pesticides and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Drinking Water Faucet

(All-in-one water purifier cartridge)

Drinking water faucet is an all-in-one solution for portable water filtration. It instantly filters out multiple contaminants from your tap water, especially heavy metals, pesticides and microbiological pollutants bacteria. Cartridge works with the four stages filtration process.

  1. A plant-based washable fabric takes care of macro particles and dust
  2. A coconut carbon block takes care of water taste, smell and micro filtration
  3. BluAct patented granulated media with milk proteins removes heavy metals and organic pollutants
  4. a last stage hollow fibers take care of the microbiology of water.

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The hybrid membranes are based on a blend of proteins and activated carbon. The mesh size can be tuned to meet specific requirements for size exclusion of colloidal and biological contaminants. The hybrid membranes are compatible with the existing plate and frame filter press separation units.

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Granulated materials

The hybrid granules are a mixture of Amyloid fibrils and granulated carbon. The dimension of the granules can be tuned to various size ranges. These hybrid granules are used as main adsorbing media to remove a wide range of pollutants.

Product Applications

Our products are ideal to remove organic, inorganic, biological and micro pollutant contaminants from virtually any application sector, including heavy metals removal from industrial wastewater and drinking water (Arsenic, lead and mercury).

Industrial water treatment
  • Electroplating water treatment
  • Mining and rare earth metal recovery
  • Acid mine drainage
  • Food and beverage applications
  • Chemical waste water treatment
Municipal and drinking water
  • Municipal water treatment
  • Household and individual drinking water

How can you use it?

We can provide a complete package of filtration solutions including all the corresponding equipment needs.

Plate and frame press units

Plate and frame filter press units having different sizes (from 100 L/h to several m3/h flow rates), made of various materials (iron, steel and plastic) will be provided upon request.