BluAct is a revolutionary company focused on the purification of water through nano-filtration. We have uncovered new science for the removal of undesirable or harmful contaminants. Researchers have long sought a method to efficiently remove all contaminants from water, and now BluAct finally provides the answer.

The nanotechnology laboratory at BluAct has discovered that a unique combination of protein and carbon ingredients, when compressed into a membrane, will remove virtually all impurities to nearly 100% levels as water passes through its proprietary membrane at very low pressures.

BluAct membranes can be used effectively as an integral step in the purification of drinking water, as well as for the treatment of all types of wastewater. It can also serve as a method of reclaiming valuable metal ions from water such as gold, palladium, and platinum.



Heavy-metal ions, radioactive materials, bacteria, and even viruses, can be almost completely removed from water in just a single pass through the BluAct membrane.


The BluAct membrane eliminates contaminants far more completely, and at considerably lower cost, than the best of all other current purification technologies, while using very low throughput pressures. It rapidly produces a stream of purified water with no waste of water for rinsing away the collected contaminants.


BluAct membranes can be used to reclaim valuable heavy-metal toxic contaminants by thermally or chemically reducing ions trapped in saturated membranes, leading to the creation of elemental non-toxic metal nano-particles and films.

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BluAct can solve your water purification challenge.